Our very first open call for submissions has come and gone. Where does the time go? We can’t say much yet but let us assure you: we received some quality work. Our Southern Gothic project is going to be amazing if we do say so ourselves (but we’d rather you think so on your own).

This whole process has had us asking ourselves (and our friends, who are probably tired of hearing us talk about it): “what is Southern Gothic?” Southern Gothic means different things to different people–this is one thing we learned for sure during the open call. Likewise, Southern Gothic means something different today than it did fifty years ago. While To Kill A Mockingbird and As I Lay Dying will always hold their own as high points of the genre, we think there’s a lot of room to grow beyond the tried and true. After all, the south of today is a different south. But you’ll have to wait for the anthology itself to see the work we’ve chosen to represent the new, the best, and brightest.

In the meantime, speaking of the tried and true, we’re stoked about the upcoming silver screen adaptation of As I Lay Dying. If you haven’t seen the trailer, be sure to check it out.