They Like Her! They Really, Really Like Her!!

“With the fewest of brush strokes, Brian Centrone hauntingly crawls into the psyches of the characters he creates producing whimsical, absurd but deliciously relatable short stories.” – Arthur Wooten, author of Arthur Wooten’s Shorts

“From the righteous, puritanical Biddy to the chain smoking, suffocated Emma to a man seeking an exit from his meaningless life, the characters in Brian Centrone’s stories face the world with both indecision and decisiveness, honesty and self-denial. Electing to read I Voted for Biddy Schumacher: Mismatched Tales from the Mind of Brian Centrone is easier than voting for president–though, of course, one should do both! Centrone evokes the frustrations of Nora Helmer, the blind certainty of the flock, and the ennui of post-adolescent adulthood in three funny, somber, and existential tales.” – Lacey N. Dunham, editor THIS Literary Magazine

“A varied, entertaining collection … I’m voting for this e-book.” – Chris Killen, author of The Bird Room

“…The beauty of these stories is the writer’s ability to get into his characters and combine wit, satire and wonderful prose….The characters also share that they are representative of people we know, even with their quirks. The fact that the author has been able to create such characters is one thing but the fact that we can relate to them after only reading about them for a short time is something else.” – Amos Lassen, Reviewer

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I Voted for Biddy Schumacher is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.