Editor Spotlight: Rose Yndigoyen

Readers of our Southern Gothic anthology may remember Rose Yndigoyen from her contribution “Long Gone Girls,”Read More

Artist Spotlight: The Men of Erotica

It takes a sexy man to make a sexy piece of art. Well, here’s five sexy men who are bringing you eight sexy pieces of art. Find out more about the guys behind the art in Erotica by Brian Centrone.Read More

Author Spotlight: Brian Centrone

Brian Centrone

Brian Centrone

Brian Centrone is the author of the short story collections I Voted for Biddy Schumacher: Mismatched Tales from the Mind of Brian Centrone and Erotica, and of the debut novel An Ordinary Boy. His stories and poems have been featured in college newspapers and literary and arts journals. Four of his One-Act plays have been produced for the stage as part of the National Endowment for the Arts’ The Big Read program. He teaches writing in New York. Visit Brian at www.briancentrone.com for more info. Follow him on Twitter @briancentrone.

Brian Centrone’s Erotica and I Voted for Biddy Schumacher are available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.
Southern Gothic, edited by Brian Centrone and Jordan M. Scoggins, is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Mark Phillips

Nathan Mark Philips

Nathan Mark Philips

Nathan Mark Philips is a digital artist who lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida within the city of New Port Richey. His hometown is Cleveland, Tennessee. His background has significant impact on his thoughts as expressed in his Art: Nathan is from the South; He is a student of theology, psychology and sociology, and enjoys Pop Culture. He has spent his professional life working in human services with the severely mentally ill, those impacted by substance abuse or family crisis. He lives a very rich and happy life with his partner of 19 years, the best of friends and a wonderful family. (Photo by Elizabeth Gordon)

Visit Nathan Mark Phillips at www.nathanmarkphillips.com where prints of his Southern Gothic work are available for sale.
Southern Gothic is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.

Author Spotlight: Just Some Good Ole Boys and Girls

Grab a cool one and warm up by the fire, these three authors bring the rich history of storytelling to the printed page.They’ll mesmerize you with their tales of love and loss like only a true southerner can.

Read More

Author Spotlight: Academics; Scholars; and Archivists; Oh, My

Not only are these four authors masters of their fields, they are also masters of their craft. These writers paint a picture of the south so authentic you’ll feel like you’re right there (if you aren’t already).

Read More

Author Spotlight: The Southern Diaspora

Sometimes you have to leave home so you can reflect on the place you have been. For these four authors, saying goodbye to the south gave them the ability to capture its essence and express its darkness, magicalism, and majesticness.

Read More

Author Spotlight: The Tar Heel Troupe

These four authors hail from North Carolina where the mountains can be blue and the ocean can be green. One thing’s for certain, there’s just as much local color in their writing. From the past to the present and everything in between, the south never looked so beautiful.

Read More

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