Artist Spotlight: Luke Spooner

Luke Spooner

First Came Fear is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.

Author Spotlight: Total Fear!

You scared me out of a year’s growth!  Fear, in one form or another, is central to horror…and these stories cut right to the bone!Read More

Author Spotlight: Thought-Provoking

You can say a lot when people aren’t expecting it. Here we see great examples of horror’s ability to make us think about serious, and sometimes taboo, issues.Read More

Author Spotlight: Surprise…

The devil can take on any form he needs. In these stories, we learn that fear and horror can come from some surprising places.Read More

Author Spotlight: Scared Silly

They say there’s nothing more fun than laughing in the dark. These stories remind you that smiles and scares can go great together!Read More

Artist Spotlight: Stefanie Masciandaro

Stefanie Masciandaro
Startling Sci-Fi is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions. The companion book, Visions of the Beyond, is also available.

Read More

Author Spotlight: Strange Science

These authors all wrote stories that make use of hypothetical new developments in science, technology, and medicine. Each story looks at the engagement between people and the things they create, or try to create. The characters are changed by these interactions to different degrees, but they are all changed profoundly.Read More

Author Spotlight: Life in the Great Beyond

Dreaming about life on other planets has long obsessed the human imagination, particularly those of our authors, and it goes right to the heart of science fiction. While these stories are all about aliens, their similarities end there. Read More

Author Spotlight: Thinking about the Future

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but science fiction’s job is to take a shot at figuring it out. In these stories, our authors do just that: they give you a glimpse of what might be coming down the road. Whether you laugh hysterically, run away in fear, or scratch your head in confusion is up to you.Read More

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