We’ve had some great press for the Southern Gothic anthology. Here’s a quick roundup of what people are saying:

Brandon Shire, author of contemporary gay fiction, interviewed Michael Russell about his contribution to the anthology. Michael talked about being gay and southern and that even though the South is a diverse region, “the barefoot, backwoods, cousin-marrying stereotype does endure, alongside images of southern hospitality.”

Over at Lambda Literary, Rose Yndigoyen talked with our own Brian Centrone about being a lesbian author and how she doesn’t presume to represent an entire community of people. Rather, she tries “to write the things [she] want[s] to read.” We think that’s good advice for any writer!

Sarah Brewer of Cameron University’s The Collegian sat down with Hardy Jones to talk about his two stories in the anthology. Hardy talks about memories of working with his father. “I took that real life experience and put it through the father in [‘A New Bike for Little Mike’].” As writers ourselves here at NLSP, we know just what this is like. The mixture of real life and fiction that comes out of a writer to form great art is a fascinating topic. This story is not online but we shared a photo on our Facebook page.

Fireside with Lichen Craig dedicated a full podcast episode to our Southern Gothic artist, Nathan Mark Phillips. Lichen and Nathan talked about his work for the anthology and beyond. Be sure to check it out because this is a unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain and learn about how the art for Southern Gothic came about.

Southern Gothic is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.