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Books are great (obviously, as we publish them). But so is the web. So sit back, relax, and imagine Gertrude Stein were here for a lovely respite in our Salon.

Author Spotlight: Drastic Measures

Some women use drastic measures to break out from “behind the yellow wallpaper.” Here are three authors whose characters will do whatever it takes to get themselves free.Read More

Author Spotlight: Faith

From organized religion to self-actualization, these four authors explore the many facets of faith in women’s lives.Read More

Author Spotlight: Reality & Release

Reality isn’t always good to women. So not all women stay there. These four authors explore the difficult territory that leads right up to the edge of the world we know.Read More

Author Spotlight: Motherhood & Marriage

Picket fences throw long shadows. These four authors gave us stories that delve into the complicated compromises that women often make in motherhood and marriage.

Read More

Editor Spotlight: Rose Yndigoyen

Readers of our Southern Gothic anthology may remember Rose Yndigoyen from her contribution “Long Gone Girls,”Read More

Artist Spotlight: The Men of Erotica

It takes a sexy man to make a sexy piece of art. Well, here’s five sexy men who are bringing you eight sexy pieces of art. Find out more about the guys behind the art in Erotica by Brian Centrone.Read More

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