Readers of our Southern Gothic anthology may remember Rose Yndigoyen from her contribution “Long Gone Girls,” about which Amy Susan Willson said:

“captures the mood of a young woman who yearns for human connection so strongly that she invents an occupation for herself at a local museum while her lover attends the university during the day. And what museum would this be without a ghost? A Southern lady ghost from antebellum days past? Yndigonyen’s nimble, deft writing allows the story to resonate fully long after reading.” – Southern Literary Review

Rose will moderate a special NLSP and NYPL event Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: Women and Madness in Literature, a panel discussion centered around Gilman’s story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” its influence on the work in Behind the Yellow Wallpaper, as well as other works on the theme. The panel will consist of select Behind the Yellow Wallpaper authors and the artist for the anthology, Loreal Prystaj.

Rose Yndigoyen

Rose Yndigoyen

Rose Yndigoyen is a freelance writer and archivist in New York City. She has written for the websites AfterEllen and Biographileand examines queer and feminist issues in pop culture on her blog, The Ladyist. She is a co-creator and co-host of the podcast Pretty Little Recaps. Rose was a 2013 Lambda Literary fellow, and is hard at work on her first novel, a queer young adult love story. Rose lives with her wife in northern Manhattan. They are proud foster parents.

You can learn more about Rose in a Lambda Literary interview conducted by Brian Centrone.

Behind the Yellow Wallpaper is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.