Readers may recall Casey Ellis as the line editor for both Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South and Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: New Tales of Madness, and also from his story “The Creature from the Lake” in Salon Style: Fiction, Poetry & Art. On Ellis’s role of editor for Startling Sci-Fi, Lambda Literary Award Finalist ‘Nathan Burgoine says,

“Casey Ellis should be very proud–this is a great collection of voices adding worthy stories to the science fiction world. I’ll be hunting for more from these authors, and I hope Ellis gathers more great talent in collections to come.”

Casey will moderate a special NLSP and NYPL event Startling Sci-Fi: Literature, Genre Fiction, & Beyond, a panel discussion focusing on disproving the misnomer that “literary fiction” and “genre fiction” can’t be one in the same. The panel will also focus on how the inclusion of LGBT voices and women writers challenge the perception that science fiction is a heterosexual male dominated establishment. The panel will consist of the book’s artist Stefanie Masciandaro and several of the authors. A Q&A session will follow. Together, we’ll try to figure out why some stories are more equal than others.


Casey Ellis
Startling Sci-Fi is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions. The companion book, Visions of the Beyond, is also available.