#SouthernGothic Memes

Let’s Go South Again!

Over the past twelve weeks we have offered our readers a glimpse into Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South by featuring a tease quote from each piece of writing with a sliver of its respective original artwork. Gathered here for the first time are all the memes we created for the first installment in our NEW series.

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Southern Gothic unboxing video

Here at NLSP we love receiving books. Nothing is more exciting than opening up a brown box and connecting with the work inside. In fact, we love the printed page so much we have once again teamed up with bd-studios.com to create a special luxe edition of Southern Gothic. Watch our unboxing video above to take a look inside Southern Gothic.Read More

Artist Spotlight: Nathan Mark Phillips

Nathan Mark Philips
Visit Nathan Mark Phillips at www.nathanmarkphillips.com where prints of his Southern Gothic work are available for sale.
Southern Gothic is available to buy in Paperback and eBook editions.

Author Spotlight: Just Some Good Ole Boys and Girls

Grab a cool one and warm up by the fire, these three authors bring the rich history of storytelling to the printed page.They’ll mesmerize you with their tales of love and loss like only a true southerner can.

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Author Spotlight: Academics; Scholars; and Archivists; Oh, My

Not only are these four authors masters of their fields, they are also masters of their craft. These writers paint a picture of the south so authentic you’ll feel like you’re right there (if you aren’t already).

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