Author Spotlight: Salon Style Writers

These emerging and established writers bring distinct voices to Salon Style. Our authors are masters of Horror, Gothic, Suspense, Madness, Americana, Science and Speculative Fiction. Their talents will impress.Read More

Author Spotlight: Salon Style Poets

Poetry is one of those art forms that has the potential to capture one’s very soul. These poets do just that. With their powerful words and imagery, our poets speak volumes on themes such as gender, relationships, and everyday life.  Their skillful style will astound.Read More

Artist Spotlight: Salon Style Artists

Our artists have the sharpest eyes around. Their attention to form and composition gets no better. All different, rich and unique, these works of art compliment our fiction and poetry perfectly. But make no mistake, these artists are strong enough to stand on their own. Their vision will captivate.Read More

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