#SouthernGothic Memes

Over the past twelve weeks we have offered our readers a glimpse into Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South by featuring a tease quote from each piece of writing with a sliver of its respective original artwork. Gathered here for the first time are all the memes created for our social media promotion.

Them Riders by Eryk Pruitt Long Gone Girls by Rose Yndigoyen Visitin' Cormierville by Hardy Jones Windblown by Kent Tankersley

The Confession by Miranda Stone Canaan by Caitlin Cauley Tuesday Night Chorus by Heather Bell Adams Virginia Dare's Mother by Emily Ruth Isaacson

A New Bike for Little Mike by Hardy Jones Instrument by Mark Pritchard Her Prince Charming by Zachary Honey Snout of the Alligator by Charles J. Beacham

Love Like Dysphoria by A.G. Carpenter Long Finger from the Sky by Michael Russell A Sleeping Place by A.A. Garrison The Phrenologist by Shane K. Bernard

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