Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South

Southern Gothic: New Tales of the SouthSouthern Gothic: New Tales of the South is an anthology like no other. Featuring over 15 stories and poems by new and veteran authors, the writing reflects a diverse range of Southern experience. From the post-Katrina New Orleans of Rose Yndigoyen’s “Long Gone Girls” and the deep-rooted family of Hardy Jones’ “Visitin’ Cormierville” to the racial tension of Eryk Pruitt’s “Them Riders” and Shane K. Bernard’s “The Phrenologist,” the anthology represents a new interpretation of the long-established Southern Gothic genre. Each story is paired with original art by Nathan Mark Phillips. Phillips’ images pull at the underside of the stories and bring a thoughtful level of interpretation to each work. Poking at the heart of Southern distinctiveness, these writers and artists make a bold statement about the south in the 21st century.



Edited by Brian Centrone & Jordan M. Scoggins
Line Edited by Casey Ellis
Art by Nathan Mark Phillips
Art Direction and Design by luke kurtis

eBook Published October 2013
Trade Published October 2014

E-book ISBN 978-0-9885512-2-0
Print ISBN  978-0-9885512-7-5

Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South is available as an eBook from: Amazon Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play. The trade paper edition is also available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million.