Retrospective by Michael Tice

Retrospective by Michael TiceWith more than 80 reproductions of his work, Retrospective is the first published overview of Michael Tice’s career. The book spans over five decades from the 1970’s to the present day. Tice’s early works are rooted in a sort of domestic surrealism that evolves into a more complex exploration of male sexuality and gender roles. Many of his images can be seen as a critique of the “American dream.” His enduring interests in the domestic space, childhood innocence, and cultural nostalgia combined with his masterful use of color and texture brings to light an American past that, perhaps, only existed within the surreal landscape of the viewers mind to begin with.

Retrospective is a multi touch ebook available to download exclusively from iBooks. A special print edition is also available from Blurb.

Introduction by Philip Mullen. Published in collaboration with