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Vote Biddy Schumacher for Office of DistributionVote David Billingsworth for Office of Distribution



Biddy Schumacher

Experience in Local Government:  None.

Hobbies: Crafting and God.

Age: It’s not polite to ask this.

Material Status: Available

Why should people vote for you? : I will distribute to the best of my ability. I am well organized and diligent. If there is a job to be done, I am the woman to do it. Also, it is God’s will.


David Billingsworth

Experience in Local Government: Painted town fence. Aid to the Mayor. Assistant Town Clerk.  Head of Archives and Notable News. Chair of the Hills Valley preservation and beautification Committee. Board Member of the Holidays and Decorations Approval Committee. Permit Supervisor for Charity Fairs, Rummage Sales and other Public Fund Raising Events.

Hobbies: Politics.

Age: 30

Material Status: Career before Marriage

Why should people vote for you? : I have a proven track record in serving Hills Valley and its people for years. I have more to give and when elected will bring honor and respect to the Office of Distribution. I have dedicated my entire adult life to serving this town I love so much. A vote for me is a vote for victory and insurance that the job will be done and done well.

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