Author Spotlight: Strange Science

These authors all wrote stories that make use of hypothetical new developments in science, technology, and medicine. Each story looks at the engagement between people and the things they create, or try to create. The characters are changed by these interactions to different degrees, but they are all changed profoundly.

Mike Algera
Mike Algera has authored three poetry collections: Old Gods for New, Outskirts, and Like Indigenous Tiger. He has been published by Arc Poetry Magazine, BareBack Lit, Hamilton Arts & Letters, Nostrovia Poetry, Word Salad, and Cyclamens & Swords Publishing. He lives in Hamilton with his high maintenance dog, Grendel. His favourite themes include dysfunctional families, Oriental mysticism, vigilante justice, love and love in all of the wrong places. His home away from home is in digital la-la land, at

M. P. Diederich
M. P. Diederich was born somewhere in New England in 1985. Despite his interest in dangerous subjects, he is not currently under FBI surveillance. He studied English and Creative Writing at Fordham University in New York City while seriously considering joining the French Foreign Legion. He currently lives in Brooklyn, where he’s trying to introduce more green vegetables into his diet and maybe go for a run every once in a while.

Jhon Sanchez
As Colombian, Mr. Sanchez writes the disgrammatical. Mr. Sanchez hung his three law diplomas above the toilet in his Brooklyn apartment. After surviving his first short story, “Too Funny to Commit Suicide,” he went on to study writing at Long Island University. His work has been featured in Brooklyn Paramount and The Overpass. This September, Mr. Sanchez is going to be a resident at the Edward Albee Foundation in Montauk, NY (No visitors allowed!). He would like to thank Samuel Ferri, Orlando Ferrand, Martha Hughes, Barbara Wallace, Alexander Saenz, and Nan Frydland for their editorial comments, as well as Lewis Warsh, Don Scotti, Mom, the Jamaican Lady next door, and the keys left by the Brazilian.

Charlotte Unsworth
Charlotte Unsworth lives in West Yorkshire, England. She has published several short stories as e-books, and is currently completing a novel. Connect with her on Twitter @lotti_brown or at

Come hear M. P. Diederich and Jhon Sanchez discuss “the Beyond” at NLSP and the NYPL’s panel discussion: Starling Sci-Fi: Literature, Genre Fiction, & Beyond.