Author Spotlight: Salon Style Poets

Poetry is one of those art forms that has the potential to capture one’s very soul. These poets do just that. With their powerful words and imagery, our poets speak volumes on themes such as gender, relationships, and everyday life.  Their skillful style will astound.

Mike Algera
Mike Algera has authored three poetry collections: Old Gods for New, Outskirts, and Like Indigenous Tiger. He has been published by Arc Poetry Magazine, BareBack Lit, Hamilton Arts & Letters, Nostrovia Poetry, Word Salad and Cyclamens & Swords Publishing. He lives in Hamilton with his high maintenance dog, Grendel. His favourite themes include dysfunctional families, Oriental mysticism, vigilante justice, love and love in all of the wrong places. His home away from home is in digital la-la land, at

Reymond Drew
Reymond Drew is an emerging writer originally from the East Coast, now living on the West. He uses his art as a subversive weapon to generate conversation about the social and economic politics of living as a transgender man. When he’s not writing or running his tiny care package business, he tries to find time to enjoy art, food, nature and dear friends.

Michele Seminara
Michele Seminara is a poet and yoga teacher from Sydney, Australia. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Bluepepper, Tincture Journal, Verity La, and Seizure. She is also a poetry reader for the creative arts journal, Verity La. She blogs as and is on twitter @SeminaraMichele.

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