American Dreams

Untitled by Michael Tice, 1997

“This retrospective of Michael Tice’s work offers a stunning visual voyage into Tice’s psyche and creative process. From the 1970s ‘Backyard Surrealism’ series one is drawn into a hypnotically fragmented world. It is elucidating to see his growth as an artist and in the 2000s, with his current work, Tice comes into his own in terms of being free to depict subject matter in a raw, visceral way. The relationships and psychology of the figures in his work suggest a human experience that every viewer can recognize and relate to. Spiraling Away is a work in which the color, boldness, and thick lines would make Fauve painter, Matisse, proud. The physical proximity, yet emotional distance of the figures in Lives of a Dreamtime is reminiscent of the photography of Nan Goldin. Michael Tice should be regarded as an artist who can depict the human condition in a potent way vis-à-vis his color palette and sweeping, gestural brushstrokes.”

Cherise Gordon
Director & Founder
Nu-Garde Gallery, LLC

“The paintings of Michael Tice combine a narrative mood with decorative charm and a sense of childhood nostalgia. Tice evokes settings and atmospheres reminiscent of 1950s ‘Dick and Jane’ readers and colorful story books to hint at the anxiety underlying an orderly suburban world. With its skillful figuration and pleasing colors, Tice’s work candy coats a compelling psychological complexity, enabling the viewer to sense the discontent brewing beneath the idyllic surface of the American dream.”

Marie R. Pagano
Gallery & Studio
March/April 2001

Retrospective is a multi touch ebook available to download exclusively from iBooks. A special print edition is also available from Blurb.